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However, for other products the growth stage may be longer due to frequent product upgrades and enhancements that forestall movement into maturity. The computer industry today is an example of an industry with a long growth stage due to upgrades in hardware, services, and add-on products and features.

During the growth stage, the life cycle curve is very steep, indicating fast growth. Firms tend to spread out geographically during this stage of the life cycle and continue to disperse during the maturity and decline stages. As an example, the automobile industry in the United States was initially concentrated in the Detroit area and surrounding cities. Today, as the industry has matured, automobile manufacturers are spread throughout the country and internationally. As the industry approaches maturity, the industry life cycle curve becomes noticeably flatter, indicating slowing growth.

Some experts have labeled an additional stage, called expansion, between growth and maturity. While sales are expanding and earnings are growing from these "cash cow" products, the rate has slowed from the growth stage. In fact, the rate of sales expansion is typically equal to the growth rate of the economy. Some competition from late entrants will be apparent, and these new entrants will try to steal market share from existing products.

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Thus, the marketing effort must remain strong and must stress the unique features of the product or the firm to continue to differentiate a firm's offerings from industry competitors. A firm at this stage may have excess cash to pay dividends to shareholders. But in mature industries, there are usually fewer firms, and those that survive will be larger and more dominant. While innovations continue they are not as radical as before and may be only a change in color or formulation to stress "new" or "improved" to consumers. Laundry detergents are examples of mature products.

Declines are almost inevitable in an industry. In this phase, sales are decreasing at an accelerating rate. This is often accompanied by another, larger shake-out in the industry as competitors who did not leave during the maturity stage now exit the industry. Yet some firms will remain to compete in the smaller market.

Management efficiency can help to prolong the maturity stage of the life cycle.

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Production improvements, like just-in-time methods and lean manufacturing, can result in extra profits. Technology, automation, and linking suppliers and customers in a tight supply chain are also methods to improve efficiency. New uses of a product can also revitalize an old brand. In , sales were dropping due to the introduction of packaged foods with baking soda as an added ingredient and an overall decline in home baking.

New uses for the product as a deodorizer for refrigerators and later as a laundry additive, toothpaste additive, and carpet freshener extended the life cycle of the baking soda industry.

Disciple Making Movement (DMM) Definitions

Promoting new uses for old brands can increase sales by increasing usage frequency. In some cases, this strategy is cheaper than trying to convert new users in a mature market. To extend the growth phase as well as industry profits, firms approaching maturity can pursue expansion into other countries and new markets.

Expansion into another geographic region is an effective response to declining demand. Because organizations have control over internal factors and can often influence external factors, the life cycle does not have to end. An example is feminine hygiene products. Sales in the United States have reached maturity due to a number of external reasons, like the stable to declining population growth rate and the aging of the baby boomers, who may no longer be consumers for these products.

But when makers of these products concentrated on foreign markets, sales grew and the maturity of the product was prolonged. Often so-called "dog" products can find new life in other parts of the world. However, once world saturation is reached, the eventual maturity and decline of the industry or product line will result.

Just as industries experience life cycles, studies have documented life cycles in many other areas. Countries have life cycles, for example, and we traditionally classify them as ranging from the First World countries to Third World or developing countries, depending on their levels of capital, technological change, infrastructure, or stability.

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Products also experience life cycles. Even within an industry, various individual companies may be at different life cycle stages depending upon when they entered the industry. The life cycle phenomenon is an important and universally accepted concept to help managers better understand sales growth and change over time. Hitt, Michael A. Duane Ireland, and Robert E. South-Western College Publishing, Porter, M. Wang, Zhu. Wansink, Brian, and Jennifer Marie Gilmore. In this way there is no topic off limits in our time together, we together, create a safe place to explore our lives, spirituality, the reasons we do what we do, and make space for more awareness and presence.

She is currently undergoing supervision training with Together in Mystery. Both in-person and virtual appoints are available. I invite persons of diverse backgrounds knowing that we are all called in many ways.



I create a safe and supportive space so that you can be exactly where you are to rest or to explore according to your own inner guidance. You can ask your deepest questions, express your starkest truths and I will listen with intuitive presence helping you discern and understand the holy truth at the very center of your being.

That passion flows from my own experience as a leader and from over 25 years of experience working with leaders in Africa. In direction, I offer myself as a non-anxious presence who helps leaders discern the presence, the work and the word of Christ in their life. As a fellow journeyer, I help leaders find grace and courage through Jesus, to respond well.

Christian Century

She is a partner in Boldly Loved and the Companioning Center which nurtures leaders and soul companionship for various occupations and faith traditions. In a relationship of soul accompaniment, God is the director and sacred space is hosted for another as they speak themselves into greater disclosure and self-discovery which supports deeper awareness, healing, and wholeness for faithful living and action in the world.

Together we discern God's purpose, presence, and power in that relationship, which shapes the whole of one's mind-body-spirit in particular and profound ways. I also consult with and resource groups and organizations that are in transition and discerning a way forward. As a spiritual director I stand in witness to God, the Lover of the directee. Through that love the story of the directee is gently invited forward and heard, celebrated, wept over and held inside the meta-narrative of God, a story whose direction is life, joy and goodness.

My role is to offer a safe and quiet setting for the seeker to hear and respond to the One calling.

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  • Email: rwmarshalll gmail. We gather for worship, community, dialogue around culture and faith, table fellowship, and spiritual practices. Spiritual direction is about pausing to surface questions and hopes and joys and fears. My role is not to be an expert who has all the right answers but to be a support, resource, and fellow traveler.

    In addition, I've been through several bouts of cancer and feel like I could walk with someone who may find themselves headed down that path as well. My deepest desire is to see every person fully know how deeply God loves and accepts them. Could it be that God truly enjoys simply being with me? And I think it might be the same for you? As we are present to ourselves, then we can be present to God and open to recognize and receive his love for us!

    When people encounter Jesus, everything changes

    I have a heart for people who struggle with addiction, abuse, or trauma. I am in recovery with 32 years clean and sober. I try to listen more than I speak, and reflect more than I react. I was a prison chaplain in Alaska for 8 years.